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Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice

Core Concepts for 2020 and Beyond

Welcome to Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice! This online textbook is composed of eight visually rich digital chapters, interactive learning games, responsive quizzes, and a wealth of downloadable resources. A special section in Chapter 8 (Human Coronaviruses and COVID-19) offers four 30-minute safety-training videos to ensure professional therapists, clinic managers, schools, teachers, and students practice proper methods to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Massage Mastery Online is making this textbook available to the massage profession at no charge to support practitioners, schools, teachers, and clinic managers as we get our profession back on its feet. You’ll be asked to go through the checkout process so we can enroll you for online access. However, no credit card is required.

Group Tracking

Massage schools and clinic managers will love the Massage Mastery Online learning platform which allows administrators or managers to sign up students or therapists in groups and track their progress through this and other content offered at This feature is particularly valuable now, as schools come out of COVID-19 quarantine but anticipate further stay-at-home orders in late fall and winter 2020. Group tracking turns the digital textbooks at Massage Mastery Online into ready-to-use online learning.

8 Hours of Continuing Education

Massage Mastery Online is not a CE provider but many professionals are asking for NCBTMB-approved continuing education hours for their efforts to complete the materials in this textbook. We have asked NCBTMB provider and master practitioner Erik Dalton to offer a final exam of 40-questions and 8 hours of CE to those wishing to obtain CE and a certificate of completion. Click here for more information on Erik Dalton’s website or look for the link in the textbook navigation menu.

What Do I Get When I Register for This Digital Textbook?

You Get a Strong Foundation in Disease Prevention: The first seven chapters provide in-depth information on reducing the spread of infectious pathogens at a massage business through a strong knowledgebase, effective policies and protocols, and professional therapist behaviors.

For some, this content provides a useful review, while for others it fills in knowledge or skill gaps created through incomplete training or through the passage of many years in massage practice. Students find that this thorough discussion and interactive content makes learning more fun.

You Learn How to Reopen Your Professional Practice or Student Clinic with “Supercharged” Safety to Reduce the Chance of COVID-19 Infection: Chapter 8, Human Coronaviruses and COVID-19 was written in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This chapter (updated weekly as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve) helps massage therapists adapt to the significant changes clinics must make to ensure client and therapist safety.

This textbook walks you step-by-step through the process of “supercharging” your knowledge, policies, procedures, sanitation protocols, and use of personal protective equipment to stay safe and keep clients safe while COVID-19 is still present in the community.

You Get the COVID-19 Video Training Series and Resources: A newly added video-based COVID-19 safety training series and a wealth of client-ready forms, make it easier to “supercharge” your massage practice, professional clinic, or school clinic and reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection when you reopen.

  • COVID-19 Safety Video #1: Get everyone on the same page about the basics of COVID-19. What is it? How does it spread? How can we reduce the spread in our clinics or on our campus?
  • COVID-19 Safety Video #2: Use personal protective equipment, hand hygiene, and respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette in accordance with CDC guidelines for health care professionals. Disinfect “high-touch” surfaces and follow protocols to reduce respiratory droplets that may hang in the air causing increased risk of infection.
  • COVID-19 Safety Video #3: Prepare your massage clinic, spa, or campus for the return of clients and students using new policies and procedures that keep people safe.
  • COVID-19 Safety Video #4: Get step-by-step guidance on each aspect of managing a client through a session while COVID-19 is still present in the community. Transition effectively between client sessions and follow end of day procedures to reduce the spread of COVID.

You Get Resource Downloads to “Supercharge” Your Policies and Procedures: 

  • Cleaning Product Supply List and Recommendations
  • Sample Welcome Back to Massage Letter
  • Policy & Procedure Update Form (Clients)
  • Policy & Procedure Update Form (Students)
  • COVID-19 Information and Consent Form (Clients)
  • COVID-19 Information and Consent Form (Students)
  • Downloadable posters to promote social distancing, proper hand hygiene, use of hand sanitizer, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette.

You Get a Textbook Like No Textbook You’ve Seen Before: Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice boasts more than 200 images, videos, 20 gamified activities, and 8 quizzes that give instant feedback to users on an interactive learning platform that ensures content is engaging, organized, and fun. A clear instructional design plan boosts participant comprehension and reinforces important material.

At Massage Mastery Online we are massage educators, instructional designers, and online learning specialists. We invite you to see what digital textbooks can mean for learning.


MASSAGE STUDENTS: The text is organized to ensure students in massage training programs learn essential information to prevent disease transmission while they are in their massage therapy classrooms and when they become professionals.

SCHOOLS: The Massage Mastery Online learning platform allows schools to enroll their students in cohorts and track student progress. This is an invaluable feature for schools that wish to offer this material as an online course. School administrators can use this form to request school access.

PROFESSIONALS: COVID-19 caught everyone off guard and as a result many massage professionals are reviewing their protocols for hygiene and sanitation. This digital text provides guidance as massage professionals once again open their doors and welcome client’s back to massage. 

CLINIC AND SPA MANAGERS: Clients will be hyperaware of cleanliness and sanitation issues as they return to massage from the COVID-19 emergency. This guide gives managers the information they need to reassure clients and supervise staff. Clinic managers can enroll their employees as a cohort and track their progress through the text ensuring that everyone at the facility is adhering to best practices for disease prevention. Use this contact form to request clinic access.

We are living through unprecedented times where digital materials are essential for keeping people engaged as they absorb must-know content for the COVID-19 pandemic. Vivid and interactive, digital textbooks – on a phone, tablet, or computer – are never far away when it’s time to learn.


  1. Terminology Preview
  2. Defining Disease
  3. Noninfectious Diseases
  4. Infectious Diseases
  5. Apply It!
  6. Quiz


  1. Terminology Preview
  2. Bacteria
  3. Viruses
  4. Fungi
  5. Parasites
  6. Apply It!
  7. Quiz


  1. Terminology Preview
  2. Chain of Infection
  3. Modes of Transmission
  4. Apply It!
  5. Quiz


  1. Terminology Preview
  2. Hand Hygiene
  3. Use of Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Respiratory Hygiene and Cough Etiquette
  5. Proper Clean Up of Blood and Body Fluids
  6. Apply It!
  7. Quiz


  1. Terminology Preview
  2. Cleaning Supplies
  3. Cleaning Your Session Room
  4. Handling Linens Properly
  5. Handling Products Properly
  6. Cleaning Common Areas at Your Workplace
  7. Apply It!
  8. Quiz


  1. Terminology Preview
  2. Physical Hygiene
  3. Professional Dress
  4. Challenging Therapist Situations
  5. Apply It!
  6. Quiz


  1. Terminology Preview
  2. The Common Cold
  3. Fungal Infections
  4. Hepatitis Infections
  6. Lice and Mites
  7. Apply It!
  8. Quiz


    1. Terminology Preview
    2. An Overview of Human Coronaviruses
    3. COVID-19 – What We Know
    4. Considerations for Reopening
    5. Supercharge Your Facility
    6. Supercharge Your Policies & Procedures
    7. Supercharge Your Safety
    8. Supercharge Your Cleaning
    9. COVID-19 Video Safety Training and Resources
    10. Apply It!
    11. Quiz

School administrators can request free review copies of any textbook by clicking the button below. 

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