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B. Compression

With compression strokes, you push the muscle belly directly toward the bone beneath it with a rhythmic pumping action. Compression was identified as a massage technique in the 1950s as sports massage became popular. It is often used in onsite massage like sports massage and seated massage because it does not require lubricant. Sustained compression …

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D. Onsite Logistics Management

When you offer onsite massage, you must create a functional and safe massage environment in a specific location and ensure the client’s comfort and enjoyment. How you organize your space and massage supplies plays a primary role in achieving this end. Equipment and Supplies While you can apply massage to a person sitting upright in …

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C. Seated Massage Environments

You can deliver seated massage just about anywhere. For example, one therapist set up her massage chair at a popular beach under a large beach umbrella. Another offers seated massage inside a ski lodge, while a third partners with a bookstore owner. In all cases, you should check local regulations and obtain the necessary permits …

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B. Disadvantages of Seated Massage

Seated massage has some disadvantages in some situations. For example, you may have difficulty controlling the environment for seated massage at a business or event. The location might be noisy with people talking, children running around, or music blaring. It might be too hot or too cool. You also have less time to conduct a …

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