Lesson Tag: Preventing Disease Transmission

Lesson 06: Professional Hygiene

In Chapter 4 (Standard Precautions), we looked at guidelines for preventing the spread of pathogens. In this chapter we’ll look at professional hygiene. This is a broader examination of hygiene than is dictated by the guidelines outlined in Standard Precautions. Professional hygiene includes practices that not only prevent the spread of pathogens, but that also …

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Lesson 03: Disease Transmission

Yellow fever is a serious viral haemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitos and endemic to tropical areas of Africa and Central and South America. In the 1800s the American South experienced yellow fever epidemics that killed thousands. People didn’t know what caused the fever or how it spread. In 1888, a saloonkeeper named Richard McCormick …

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Lesson 01: An Overview of Disease

In general, a disease is defined as an infectious or noninfectious condition that causes changes in the appearance, structure, or function of cells, tissues, organs, or systems in the human body. These changes may be observable (signs) or subjectively experienced by the patient (symptoms). Diseases often, but not always, have a known cause. They are …

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